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MPM® Course Overview & Benefits

Project Management continues to expand at a rapid pace. Now it is an essential business knowledge area in all industries including government, health care, telecom, IT, education and finance. Effective project management is helping organizations streamline to improve productivity. As business structures shift, project managers have increased responsibility. Expertise in project management is a source of security, prosperity and power to organizations and individuals alike.

Projects are complex collaborative efforts. Successful project managers are outstanding communicators whose ability to adapt is supported by knowledge of the essential tools and techniques of project management. This course is designed to broaden and refine your understanding of those essential elements and immediately put them into practice.

Those participants successfully completing the course and the requisite daily examinations will receive the MPM® Certification and may use the MPM® credential following their name.

This MPM® certification course presented in collaboration with OPPM™ International includes 11 of The One-Page™ "seriously simple" modules. Each module includes a concentrated single page handout of essential concepts coupled with interactive guidance.

MPM® Course Objectives

This course is delivered in a collaborative format to assist professionals who are already experienced in project management as well as professionals growing in their project management knowledge. The material provides a variety of project management principles and best practices to help learners enhance their existing skill and experience.

  1. Define and explain a context and framework for successful project management and leadership.
  2. Understand the value and usability of project management principles including the process groups (initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the project) and knowledge areas (integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement and stakeholder management).
  3. Understand the critical people and leadership skills required to lead projects.
  4. Motivating the accountable and responsible members of the project management team.
  5. Introduction and application of practical tools and techniques for enhanced project communication.
  6. Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in managing projects.
  7. Identification and management approaches to ensure proper delivery of scope, time, cost and quality to meet and/or exceed stakeholder needs.
  8. Concepts for successful project change management are identified and discussed to improve change at both an organization and personal level.
  9. Decision making and creative problem solving is presented around the complex decision model.
  10. Closing out the project and post implementation reviews provide opportunity for completion, acknowledgment, and final project validation.

Course Facts (4-Day)

  • 4 Days of Training (Tuesday – Friday)
  • COURSE HOURS: 9:00am – 4:00pm Central Daylight Time
  • BREAKS: One hour lunch with two 15 minute breaks in both the morning and afternoon
  • PDFs of course materials will be provided at the beginning of the course
  • TESTING: Open-book exam at the end of each day
  • CERTIFICATION: Assuming you attend all four days and you cumulatively pass the exams with at least a 70%, you will be certified. You will receive your credentials and continuing education information approximately 2 weeks after your course.


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About the Instructors

  • Mick
  • Steve
  • Clark

Mick Campbell - MPM InstructorMick Campbell is a best selling author of The NEW One-Page Project Manager and Managing Partner of OPPM International. Mick is a recognized authority in traditional and agile project management. He is a former telecom vice president who has certified project professionals worldwide and advised hundreds of companies large and small.

PMRG | Steve Whipple - HRPM InstructorSteve Whipple has been a leader in human resources and project management for nearly 40 years. Steve has directed employee communication projects for Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Merrill Lynch, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi Americas, Caterpillar, BAE Systems, The Home Depot, Whirlpool, Novartis, Warner Lambert, Marriott, and others.

Clark Campbell, PhDClark A. Campbell, PhD is the award winning author and founder of OPPM International. A former senior executive and university professor, he has advised corporations and taught university graduate students the power and simplicity of OPPM™ around the world. BS Chemical Engineering, MBA, PhD.

MPM® Comments & Endorsements

  • We'd all be converted +

    "Mick lives and breathes this stuff. If he were clergy, we'd all be converted. Amen!"

    Eric Mendelman

  • Goes Beyond the Usual +

    "The course goes beyond the usual assembly of technical tools and techniques, and puts project management into the context of a broad range of topics, such as organization, negotiation, communications etc., with helpful hints on each."

    Peter Muszka - Straumann

  • Thank You for this experience +

    "Thank you for this experience. It is the best PM training I have participated in. I will take much of this information back with me and it will help me grow as a PM leader."

    Cecilia Hui

  • Course cuts through the rhetoric +

    "Project Managers became necessary as project complexity grew. Then project management itself became too complex to explain project status to the stakeholders. Mick Campbell's MPM course cuts through the rhetoric and gives you the tools to easily bring about stakeholder understanding of the product, process and status of every open project."

    Juanita Hoffman - Grinnell Reinsurance

  • Extremely Valuable +

    "As a CIO, this course has been extremely valuable in helping me to frame the project management process and gain a better understanding of the formal steps involved."

    Joe Bubacz - Laurel Health

  • Enthusiasm & Expertise +

    "I have taken many "best of breed" PM training courses/seminars in my career. I have never seen a course taught with such enthusiasm, expertise, perspectives and humor - this one is the best!"

    Beck Peck - Washington MATA

  • Brings material to life +

    "Mick is an outstanding presenter; he brings the material to life and brings the entire class into each subject. This has been one of the best training sessions in my 28 years of business."

    Chuck Branson


    "Mick Campbell is FABULOUS with his style and presentation skills. His ability to get his point across with interactive and group involvement was worth the time invested for my future and career."

    Gary Levingston - SCE

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Our ongoing mission is “ Providing high-value educational programs for human resource and project managers by focusing on must-learn topics in the forefront of project management techniques and methodologies, while enhancing personal—as well as professional—growth and development.”

The American Academy of Project Management® (AAPM®) is a global Board of Standards supporting project management industry professionals. Our Global Board of Standards issues Certification Credentials to qualified professionals who successfully complete Certification courses offered by Project Management Resource Group.

OPPM® International shows you how to reduce any project—no matter how big or complicated—into a simple, one-page document perfect for expressing essential details, communicating those details to upper management, and tracking progress. Plus, it's adaptable to virtually any process in your organization. The One-Page Project Manager™ is the ultimate tool for beleaguered project managers who understand the value of simplicity.

Who Should Attend

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MPM Course Agenda

  • MPM Day 1
  • MPM Day 2
  • MPM Day 3
  • MPM Day 4
  • Introduction to Project Management
    • An introduction of the concepts, theories and systems involved in current day project management methodologies
  • Planning
    • Types of plans, the essentials of planning, planning cycles and project components
  • The One-Page™ Power of Why
  • Key Knowledge Areas
    • A review of all the key aspects of knowledge that a project manager must have
  • The One-Page™ PMBOK Overview
  • Work Breakdown Structures
    • Review of the techniques and types of WBS in projects
  • Estimating and Scheduling/Floats and Critical Paths
    • Gantts, PERTs, Critical Paths and network diagrams are examined
  • Projects and Organizations — Part I
    • How does an organizational structure interact with project management frameworks and delivery? What is the best way to optimize your surrounding structure to ensure greater project output success.
  • Why Projects Can Go Wrong
    • Some anecdotes and lessons learned.
  • Projects and Organizations — Part II
    • How does an organizational structure interact with project management frameworks and delivery? What is the best way to optimize your surrounding structure to ensure greater project output success. (continued from day 1)
  • The One-Page™ Project Strategy
  • Communications Management
    • Project Management Communications, how to plan and successfully roll out your communication's strategy.
  • The One-Page™ Communication Essentials
  • People Management & Leadership
    • Learn project related leadership, conflict resolution, motivation, delegation, and counseling.
  • The One-Page™ Positivity and Appreciation
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Discussing the key concepts behind efficient stakeholder management.
  • The One-Page™ Project Planning and Display
  • The One-Page™ Project Performance and Status Report
  • Quality Management
    • What is quality and how is it quantified? Learn how to plan for high quality outputs.
  • Financial Management
    • Financial management and planning for projects.
  • Issue and Risk Management
    • Learn how to correlate risk and opportunity costs, calibrate your issues, and manage them.
  • The One-Page™ Project Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Cost Management
    • Cost estimating and cost planning, budgeting and tracking.
  • Change Control
    • Identifying, understanding, controlling and managing changes to your project.
  • Technologies
    • Review of some of the applicable technologies available to support you and your project managers.
  • Change, Conflict and Negotiation
    • Preparing and executing a negotiation strategy for your project.
  • The One-Page™ Project Negotiation Toolkit
  • The Changing Environment of Management
    • Social factors, inequality, environmental factors, legal and economic factors.
  • Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving
    • Decision making and uncertainty, information processing, behaviors and types of decisions, creativity and problem solving.
  • International Management and Cross Cultural Competencies
    • International success, cultural awareness, diversity, comparative management techniques, organizational theory, cross cultural training.
  • The One-Page™ Project Management Reference Library
  • Closing out your project
    • Close your project and build a body of knowledge.
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • When, why should you carry out a project review
    • Learn about the four-stage approach to project review and recovery.
  • The One-Page™ Downloads (86 Templates and Examples)