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  • Core Concepts of Project Management

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Core Concepts of Project Management

Overview and Benefits

Core Concepts of Project Management presents the proven techniques of project management. Our practical framework makes project management easy to understand and apply to today's project-driven workplace.

You'll learn specific entry level techniques such as Work Breakdown Structure and Resource Leveling and you'll have opportunities to practice each technique. We emphasize how to perform the technique and explain why using these techniques make you a better leader. It's the knowledge every project manager needs to succeed.

In this course, participants will become efficient and effective in:

  • Creating realistic project schedules.
  • Building a cohesive, consistent understanding of the project's goals among all stakeholders.
  • Creating effective project plans with clear responsibilities and milestones.
  • Identifing problems when they are still small enough to solve.
  • Transforming ambiguous projects into focused, productive projects with tangible results.

Core Concepts of Project Management


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand how project management can increase productivity, improve communications and cut development costs.
  2. Understand how to constantly achieve the Five Project Success Factors using the discipline of project management.
  3. Systematically apply the proven skills, techniques, and methodologies of project management to define, plan and control a project.
  4. Create a project plan using standard project management techniques.
  5. Use the project plan to manage the team, customers, management and project sponsors and stakeholders.
  6. Understand the relationship between the science of project management and the art of leadership.
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About the Instructor

Mick Campbell - MPM InstructorMick Campbell is a best selling author of The NEW One-Page Project Manager and Managing Partner of OPPM International. Mick is a recognized authority in traditional and agile project management. He is a former telecom vice president who has certified project professionals worldwide and advised hundreds of companies large and small.


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Who Should Attend

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Core Concepts of Project Management Course Agenda

  • Core Concepts of PM Day 1
  • Core Concepts of PM Day 2
  • Why Project Management?
    • Success Factors
    • What is Project Management?
    • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Definition
    • Identify the Project Stakeholders
    • Project Communication
    • Statement of Work
    • Project Charter
  • Project Planning
    • The Purpose of Planning
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Network Diagrams
    • Work Package Estimates
  • Project Planning (continued)
    • Resource Leveling
    • Project Management Software
    • Accurate Estimating
  • Project Control
    • Project Kickoff
    • Monitoring
    • Project Close Out
    • Corrective Action
  • Project Leadership
    • Project Manager Skills
    • Art Based on Science