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  • OPPM™ - One-Page Project Manager

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OPPM™ Course Overview

Previously only available through custom, on-site consultation, the highly-effective One-Page Project Manager tools and methodology are now offered in a fast-paced, two-day course that earns 15 PDUs.

Why is the One-Page Project Manager (OPPM) communicating project success to corporations, government agencies, and organizations around the world?  Because it seriously simplifies, and really works!

The One-Page Project Manager reduces any project – large or small, traditional or agile – to a simple one-page document, efficiently and clearly communicating both the project plan, and then performance to that plan.  Now with 5 award-winning best selling books, OPPMs are currently saving time and effort in thousands of organizations worldwide with traditional templates, agile templates and customized OPPMs cascaded for the PMO. OPPM™ solves communication problems and unravels complex project management challenges with seriously simple solutions.

OPPM™ Course Benefits

If you or your project would benefit from any of the following, 2 short days of OPPM™ learning will simplify your efforts, accelerate your performance, and amplify your success.

  • Shorter and fewer meetings – more time for project work
  • Time required to prepare project reports reduced up to 80%
  • A project plan sufficiently and efficiently displayed on a single page
  • Stakeholders that grasp the challenge or importance of change
  • A consistent, easily updated, and universally understood project methodology
  • Clear tasks and responsibilities, with highly engaged and motivated teams
  • Early warning signs of risks, with transparent mitigating strategies
  • Basic project management concepts easily understood by your non-project executives
  • Well-defined project vision, universally agreed upon and aligned to an overarching strategy
  • Fewer cost surprises and over-runs
  • A substantial reduction in over-aggressive schedules, delays or missed deadlines
  • A Project Management Office equipped with better tools to consolidate and communicate plans and progress for a portfolio of projects
  • The essentials necessary to amplify the influence of project managers, often the most under-recognized yet critical leaders in today’s workplace

Included with the Course

  • Copy of The NEW One-Page Project Manager by Clark and Mick Campbell
  • A download of 100 OPPM™ tools, examples and templates
  • A one-year membership to MyOPPM™, an online OPPM™ template builder, plan storage, email milestone reminder, and progress reporter.

Course Facts (2-Day)

  • 2 Days of Training (Tuesday – Wednesday)
  • 8:00am breakfast, 8:30am – 5:00pm Course Hours
  • Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack will be provided daily
  • Hotel (course location) will be emailed 4 weeks prior to start date
  • All hotels have airport shuttle service
  • All course materials will be provided on day 1 of training
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About the Instructors

  • Clark
  • Mick

Clark Campbell, PhDClark A. Campbell, PhD is the award winning author and founder of OPPM International. A former senior executive and university professor, he has advised corporations and taught university graduate students the power and simplicity of OPPM™ around the world. BS Chemical Engineering, MBA, PhD.

Mick Campbell - MPM InstructorMick Campbell is a best selling author of The NEW One-Page Project Manager and Managing Partner of OPPM International. Mick is a recognized authority in traditional and agile project management. He is a former telecom vice president who has certified project professionals worldwide and advised hundreds of companies large and small.

OPPM™ Comments & Endorsements

  • Proven Process +

    "OPPMs provide a proven process for project management that significantly improves the chances that the project will be completed on time, on budget, and on target."
    Professor Steven C. Wheelwright,
    Senior Associate Dean
 & Director of Publications,
    Harvard Business School

  • AgileOPPM™ Really Works! +

    "AgileOPPM™ really works! It makes the complex look simpler, facilitates accurate and honest assessments, and all on just one page—which can, and will be, read by even the busiest executive."
    David C. Berg,
    Retired Chief Information Officer
    IBM, Unisys and Sun Microsystems

  • Clarity from Ambiguity +

    "Creating clarity from ambiguity, while organizing complex interrelated processes, lies at the heart of outstanding project management. The One-Page Project Manager is a tremendous tool to assist in achieving that goal."
    Chris Liddell,
    Former CFO, Microsoft and Vice Chairman
    Chief Financial Officer, General Motors

  • Effective Enabler +

    "The OPPM can be an effective enabler of strong project management, significantly increasing the likelihood of success."
    James H. Quigley,
    CEO Emeritus of Deloitte

  • Essential to Exec Toolkit +

    "The One-Page Project Manager is an essential part of my executive toolkit. OPPMs communicate a project's plan and then communicate progressive performance to that plan in a complete yet efficient way thereby increasing the visibility and collaboration so vital for successful project management."
    Michael O. Leavitt,
    Chairman, Leavitt Partners,
    Secretary, United States Department of Health and Human Services (2005-2009),
    Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency (2003-2005),
    Governor of Utah (1992-2003)

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Project Management Resource Group is a national leader in training and certification for human resource and project managers. PMRG has conducted hundreds of courses, seminars and onsite trainings all across the U.S. over the past nine years.

Our ongoing mission is “Providing high-value educational programs for human resource and project managers by focusing on must-learn topics in the forefront of project management techniques and methodologies, while enhancing personal—as well as professional—growth and development.”

The American Academy of Project Management® (AAPM®) is a global Board of Standards supporting project management industry professionals. Our Global Board of Standards issues Certification Credentials to qualified professionals who successfully complete Certification courses offered by Project Management Resource Group.

OPPM® International shows you how to reduce any project—no matter how big or complicated—into a simple, one-page document perfect for expressing essential details, communicating those details to upper management, and tracking progress. Plus, it's adaptable to virtually any process in your organization. The One-Page Project Manager™ is the ultimate tool for beleaguered project managers who understand the value of simplicity.

Who Should Attend

PMRG OPPM - Who should attend?

OPPM™ Course Agenda

  • OPPM™ Day 1
  • OPPM™ Day 2
  • What differentiates the top 2% of Project Managers?
    • Alpha Project Managers by Andy Crow
    • The 4 things you must do
  • What is the biggest cause for project failure?
    • Harvard three-by-two
    • The 6 things you must do
  • "A picture is worth a thousand reports"
    • Visual Displays by Yale Emeritus Professor Edward Tufte
    • "If there is a staple through it, or paperclip around it, they will not read it" Dr. Harold Kerzner
    • The 5 grand principles of analytical design – "How can something be explained?"
  • Which project methodology is right for us – Traditional or Agile?
    • Traditional vs. Agile on One-Page
    • The 5 elements of Traditional projects
    • The 5 elements of Agile projects
  • The OPPM™ Template
    • The disease of detail
    • Serious simplicity
    • Sufficient yet efficient
  • Traditional Project Plan on One Page
    • The 12 building steps
  • Traditional Project Progress Report on One Page
    • The 5 reporting steps
  • Agile Project Plan on One Page
    • The 12 building steps
  • Agile Project Progress Report on One Page
    • The 7 reporting steps
  • OPPM™ for the PMO
    • A portfolio of projects on One-Page
    • The 8 prime objectives of the Project Management Office
  • Actual OPPM™ examples
    • Small, large, and mega projects
    • Customized and cascaded OPPMs
  • Negotiation for the Project Manager
    • How to say "no" by saying "yes"
    • The 10 essential skills for every project manager