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  • AgCC® - Agile Communication Certification

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About the Agile Communication Certification (AgCC)

Most people understand how critical communication is for implementing successful projects. Just how important is shown in research indicating that project communication is the most significant differentiator for the top 2% of project managers, and a primary success factor in project performance.

The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM®), along with OPPM™ International, and Project Management Resource Group (PMRG), have teamed to provide the training on, and examinations for, the Agile Communication Certification, or AgCC.

Communication is Job #1 for Agile, and Job #1 for Project Management. The best selling, award winning OPPM™ series of books by Clark Campbell published by John Wiley & Sons, have given over 100,000 users the seriously simple tools to communicate the essential elements of successful project delivery.

Participants will leave this fast-paced, interactive, engaging 4 day course with a clear grasp of the critical components of Agile Project Management. They will be qualified and certified to communicate the sufficient efficiently, with intuitive, easy-to-use tools. Personal influence will be accelerated and the probability of project success will be magnified.

AgCC Overview

As project managers, your ability to communicate and manage change are key elements for on-time, on-budget projects which mitigate risks, magnify quality and deliver scope that exceeds expectations. After four days, you will not only grasp the necessary components of Agile Project Management, but will augment this understanding with seriously simple tools and templates. The authors and creators of the tools that are now easing burdens and delivering successful results all over the world will teach the course.


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Course Facts (4-Day)

  • 4 Days of Training (Tuesday – Friday)
  • 8:00am breakfast, 8:30am – 5:00pm Course Hours *4:00pm end on Friday
  • Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack provided daily
  • Hotel (Course Location) will be emailed 4 weeks prior to start date
  • All hotels have airport shuttle service
  • Course materials will be provided on day 1 of training
  • TESTING: Approx. 20-minute, open book exam daily
  • CERTIFICATION: Assuming you attend all four days and you cumulatively pass the exams with at least a 70%, you will be certified. You will receive your credentials and continuing education information about 2 weeks after your course.
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The American Academy of Project Management® (AAPM®) is a global Board of Standards supporting project management industry professionals. Our Global Board of Standards issues Certification Credentials to qualified professionals who successfully complete Certification courses offered by Project Management Resource Group.

OPPM® International shows you how to reduce any project—no matter how big or complicated—into a simple, one-page document perfect for expressing essential details, communicating those details to upper management, and tracking progress. Plus, it's adaptable to virtually any process in your organization. The One-Page Project Manager™ is the ultimate tool for beleaguered project managers who understand the value of simplicity.

About the Instructors

  • Mick
  • Clark

Mick Campbell - MPM InstructorMick Campbell is a best selling author of The NEW One-Page Project Manager and Managing Partner of OPPM International. Mick is a recognized authority in traditional and agile project management. He is a former telecom vice president who has certified project professionals worldwide and advised hundreds of companies large and small.

Clark Campbell, PhDClark A. Campbell, PhD is the award winning author and founder of OPPM International. A former senior executive and university professor, he has advised corporations and taught university graduate students the power and simplicity of OPPM™ around the world. BS Chemical Engineering, MBA, PhD.

AgCC Comments & Endorsements

  • “Agile/OPPM™ should be required” +

    Agile/OPPM™ should be required for every manager who wants to improve project performance, accurately tell their story, and do it efficiently.

    Jonathan H. Du, PhD
    CEO & Chairman
    WiseChina Training Ltd.
    Beijing, China

  • “This is the most productive method I've seen” +

    This is the most productive method I've seen to capture the essence of project management. Not too complicated, not too simple. For those with experience this is certainly a method to adopt for rapid, vivid, and persistent communication. I wish I'd had this years ago, but am glad it came along now. It clearly saves time for an organization's key resources.

    Paul Germeraad, Ph.D.
    President of Intellectual Assets, Inc.
    Past chairman of the board of the Industrial Research Institute
    Author and Instructor, Caltech

  • “It's intuitive and there are no bells and whistles and no overkill” +

    If you've ever needed to manage several projects at once, you know the dilemma: there has to be a better way to track the projects quickly, concisely and reliably, but finding and learning that better way always seems too tedious, costly, or complicated. This course solves that problem. We're rolling out the tool in my firm and we've been impressed with how easy it is to use and how much useful information it communicates, even for complex, lengthy projects. It's intuitive and there are no bells and whistles and no overkill. Highly recommended.

    Frank Luby
    Partner, SKP Strategy and Marketing Consultants
    Author, Manage for Profit, not for Market Share, Harvard Business School Press

  • “The approach in the One Page Project Manager™ provides a proven process” +

    The approach in the One Page Project Manager™ provides a proven process for project management that significantly improves the chances that the project will be completed on time, on budget and on target.

    Steven C. Wheelwright, PhD
    Baker Foundation Professor
    Senior Associate Dean, Director of Publications Activities
    Harvard Business School

  • “Agile/OPPM™ is a remarkable resource” +

    Agile/OPPM™ is a remarkable resource for any business or IT professional who is designing and implementing Agile IT projects. It is straightforward and easy to follow. Anyone who is practicing in the project management field will simply have to have these tools.

    Hossein Bidgoli
    The Handbook of Computer Networks, The Handbook of Information Security, and The Internet Encyclopedia

  • “Agile/OPPM™ has done it again” +

    OPPM™ International has done it again – created another OPPM™ winner! What would it be worth to ensure all of your projects delivered the expected value? Agile/OPPM™ is a high-level methodology and tool to help you achieve this goal.

    Dave Berg
    Former CIO, Chief Information Officer,
    IBM, Unisys, and Sun Microsystems

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OPPM Book Shelf

The NEW One-Page Project Manager

Who Should Attend

PMRG AgCC - Who should attend?

Agile (AgCC) Course Agenda

  • AgCC Day 1
  • AgCC Day 2
  • AgCC Day 3
  • AgCC Day 4


The necessity and power of simplicity for Agile Project Management and Communication will include these modules:

  • Simplicity - Why and How Much
  • Project Management Simplified
  • Agile Simplified
  • The Agile Manifesto
    • 4 values
    • 12 principles
  • Job #1 — Communication
    • Two exhaustive studies of thousands of project managers reveal what the best of the best do differently
    • Why Agile is even more dependent on communication than traditional project management methods.
  • The risk continuum between Agile and Traditional
  • Agile methods compared to Waterfall processes



The elegance and essence of Agile methodology will include the following roles, tools, meetings, and metrics:

  • Scrum Teams
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Burndown Chart
  • Release Backlog
  • Spring Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • User Stories
  • Story Points
  • Business Value
  • Team Capacity
  • Velocity

The One-Page Project Manager™

  • Simplicity and Why OPPM™
    • The Power and Pitfalls of Simplicity
      • Simplicity this side, and the other side of complexity
      • Simplexity, by Jeffrey Kluger
      • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, by Edward Tufte
      • Ockham's razor – the law of succinctness
  • The Five Essential Parts of Every Project
    • Objectives — the what and why
    • Owners — the who
    • Tasks — the how
    • Timeline — the when
    • Budget — the how much
  • OPPM™ Building Steps 1 through 12
  • OPPM™ Reporting Steps 1 through 5
  • Customizing OPPM™ and the PMO
  • OPPM™ for IT Projects

The proven practical application of Agile/OPPM™ will include:

  • The Agile/OPPM™ Template
  • MyOPPM-online
  • Negotiation for Agile Project Managers
  • The Agile/OPPM™ for IT and Non-IT projects
  • The Agile/OPPM™ for Managing Consultants
  • Strategy Execution with Agile/OPPM™
  • Communication Best Practices